Monday, January 26, 2009

How to Stock Up on Diet Mountain Dew

(This is for Amy. I just saw she requested this in the comments and I wanted to post this quickly since sometimes the stores run out by mid-week! I got mine last Sunday night on last week's deal, which was 4/$12, but with the ECBs* it still works out as way cheaper than grocery store prices!)

1. Notice the ad in Sunday's paper that says Pepsi product 12-packs are on sale at 3/$10 AND that you get $10 ECBs back if you buy $20 worth of Pepsi products. (You are welcome to buy other Pepsi products to complete the deal--check the ad. I'm just explaining how I took the opportunity to stock up on Gaines' favorite soda before the baby arrives!)

2. Acquire a CVS ECB rewards card (this is free!) if you don't already have one.

3. Call you local CVS and make sure they have enough 12-pack boxes of your favorite Pepsi product this week. In our case, it is Diet Mountain Dew. And yes, I called ahead last Sunday night before I made the trip because not all CVS stores carry my husband's favorite beverage, especially when they have a big sale!

4. Buy $20 worth of Pepsi 12-packs. In this case, that would be 6. That means you paid $20 for 6 sodas at a price of $3.33 per box, which is a good deal in itself. But...

5. If you have a CVS card, when you make your purchase you should get $10 ECBs on your receipt. Wow! You can then use those ECBs to buy anything else in the store, even more sodas...

6. To make the most of this deal, make another purchase and buy 3 more 12-packs of your favorite beverage with your $10 ECBs! You will have gotten 9 12-packs of soda for only $20! That's $2.22 per box, which is way better than the $4 "sale" price in the grocery chains!

7. Just so you know, last week I bought 8 boxes of Diet Mtn Dew at 4/$12, and I got back $10 ECBs, but I also had a $4 off any purchase of $20 or more coupon I'd gotten in an e-mail from CVS. That means I got 8 cases for only $20, or a price of $2.50 per box! I did not use my $10 ECBs to buy more sodas. (If I had, I would've gotten an even better deal, but I'm hoping 8 will last at least a month in our house!) Gaines said it depends on how much (and when) the new baby sleeps! ;)

*ECBs = Extra Care Bucks, or money you can only use at CVS. But I can find almost anything I need there, so I love this program!

Bonus! If you also like Doritos, Tostitos or Lays, keep your receipts! If you buy a qualifying purchase (I think it is 3 cases of soda and 3 bags of chips by the end of January), you can send in your receipts and get $15 worth of coupons from Pepsi/Frito-Lay by mailing in this form.

(If anyone is curious...using coupons and my $10 ECBs, I picked up a professional haircutting kit for only $10. That's less than the price of ONE haircut. And yes, I do intend to trim my son's hair...I'm just trying to build up the courage AND figure out how to position Jacob in front of the TV in a chair while also keeping the hair cuttings off the carpet. Anyone have any ideas? I tried the bathtub approach, but he is way too wiggly for that!)

P.S. For more info on the CVS deals this week, I like Money Saving Mom and The Centsible Sawyer.


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