Monday, January 26, 2009


Today I have...

  • Gotten up early enough to take a shower without having to resort to sitting Jacob in front of an episode of Curious George. In fact, we haven't had the TV on yet all far. It's an experiment in (my) self-control.

  • Eaten breakfast AND lunch. Some days this is a major accomplishment.

  • Given Jacob a much-needed bath.

  • Organized all of baby's recently washed 0-3 month clothes (as well as blankets, burp cloths, and other necessities), and Jacob's current pajamas and pants, into the 6 dresser drawers in the boys' room (as seen below in photo from last summer).

  • Labeled and organized storage boxes with 12-18 month and 18 month summer clothing that Jacob has outgrown. Now all that's left is acquiring/filling boxes for 6-9, 9-12, and 18-24 month stuff! (Currently these clothes reside in some of those vacuum bags, which are unwieldy for stacking and don't stay compressed. They are better for under-bed storage or blankets, I've discovered.)

  • Heard Jacob sing the "Happy Birthday" song. Twice. We went to a friend's party yesterday and I imagine this has something to do with it!

  • Reserved Jacob's 2nd b-day party at one of those little-kid activity places. It's not my usual frugal DIY party, but I'll have a one-month old. I still want to make his cake, though. We've been to two b-day parties in the last two weeks and discovered that he still will not eat cake. Cookies are okay, but not sugary b-day cake with icing. Perhaps I'll make a carrot cake sans icing for him (or just buy a cookie cake?) and bring a regular cake for the rest of us! ;)

  • Went shopping for party supplies for upcoming CARES events: Super Bowl Party (I'm blessed with 3 backup hosts AND 5-6 volunteers just in case Li'l Brudder arrives early!), something Valentine's themed, beads for Mardi Gras just in case we do something for that, and some green tablecovers for St. Patty's Day.

  • Washed and dried a load of laundy. I'm off to do more! And fold! (And possibly squeeze in a nap!)

    Update: (4:22 p.m.)

  • Spoke with THREE possible vendors for upcoming Aparment Life/CARES events. I'm on a roll today!

  • Published not just one but TWO blog posts for your enjoyment!

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