Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July Snapshots

Events I meant to blog about with full posts but now am just giving you the pictures:

Wednesday, July 1st: the "I can do it myself" block tower. There was something else funny about this, but sadly, I don't remember anymore.

Saturday, July 4th, at the Lake. It was our last trip to my parents' place at Lake Martin, since they've now sold it. We helped them pack that weekend and never managed to see any fireworks, but we enjoyed the reprieve from our busy lives all the same. Apparently, I also did not take enough pictures.

Friday, July 10th: Cow Appreciation Day. Everyone should do this! It was our first year to participate and I'm going to make it a family tradition.

(It's a bit difficult to see the ears pinned to their hats, or their tails, but I promise they were there! Jacob asked to take his off immediately after being served his free chicken.)

More posts coming soon on:
  • Melissa v. Jeffrey
  • Poolside Photos
  • Geolly Chester Lives Again
  • Jacob Jumps In
  • The Summer of the Family Reunion
  • Harry Potter and Imagination

  • and other book/movie/TV reviews...

    I'm gearing up to start (gasp!) blogging more regularly. I need this more than anyone, because it helps ME remember what happened last month, last week, or even just yesterday. Plus, I like to write. I miss it.


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