Tuesday, December 01, 2009

More Than We Could Ask or Even Imagine

Ephesians 3:20-21

When I first started looking at houses to rent back in August, I had a wish list:

1. A fenced-in yard for the boys to play in.
(Here I have to go down two flights of stairs, carrying the baby and anything like balls or golf clubs or strollers along with me, just to get to some grass.).

2. An eating area that is NOT carpeted.
(We have mats down, we clean up immediately, but still I feel like the carpet around our table is disgusting. You just CAN'T get baby food or applesauce or milk or any other liquidy food product out of carpet properly without steam-cleaning all the time. And who can afford that?)

3. Three bedrooms.
(The boys will share--hopefully, but Gaines really needs an office area where he can close the door and work at night or when he is home on the weekends.)

I'd like to think I'd have been satisfied with just that. Of course, we wanted to be close to our church and still have a decent commute for Gaines.

And do you know what? God gave us a place that answered all of those requests and more!

I picked up the keys today and did a last walk-through. I ran back in afterward to take a few photos...

Our cute little 70's style 3 BR/2 BA brick ranch:

not only has an eat-in kitchen:

(This curtain seen below was left by the previous owner and the landlord gave permission to get rid of it. Suggestions for something new?)

But also has newish carpet and flooring throughout (seen here with the original tile in the entryway):

The house also comes with a 2-car carport:

a partially-finished basement, an extra living room, a den with a fireplace:

and the best part of all -- a screened-in porch!

Look at that deck -- there's a big fenced-in yard beyond:

Oh, and did I mention there were trees? Glorious trees. I'm actually looking forward to raking.

God really does answer prayers! When we move in, you are all invited over for a big 'ole party. Maybe we'll watch a bowl game?!


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