Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We've moved!

Well, mostly. Some of the kitchen stuff and some miscellaneous items are still at the old apartment. We ran out of time and boxes before the movers came Monday afternoon. But don't worry, we still had plenty of stuff to fit in the truck...

This is what we have affectionately dubbed "The Room of Requirement." If you need something, it's probably in here:

Thank goodness for the extra room to hold everything! It makes living and unpacking in all the other rooms less trying. Once it's cleared out (maybe by 2011?!) I plan to make it a library/reading room, with some places for toys.

Amazingly, this move was cheaper than last time and we have MORE stuff. Here's a tip: Always go with the extra guy. It's worth it.

I'm off to do some more unpacking... more details (and photos) to come.


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