Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Small Victories

Tonight we had a party. Well, at least that's what Jacob called it. We are celebrating the fact that for the first time in over six weeks both boys are completely free from ear infections, eye infections, and any type of antibiotics. We made it through four rounds of meds, and I guess the last (most expensive) kind stuck. This morning, the doctor said if he saw four clean ears we should throw a party, so I think that's where the little stinker got the idea.

Every time we visited the doctor over the last several months I kept thinking "Surely they are all better now? Look at how they are acting! Sure, they look thin and tired, but that's probably from the medication." No more. Today I went in expecting the worst and I got such great news I could hardly stand it. Lollipops for all! Stickers for everyone! I'm buying beef for Thursday's dinner! By golly, we are going to have CHOCOLATE tonight.

Really, the only thing that made tonight different from any other dinner is that I actually made and served dessert. I also asked Jacob what he wanted for dinner and he replied, "Pizza!" So, we made a brief stop at Publix for the makings of homemade goodness before heading home. For lack of any creativity on my part, we had cheese pizza. But we spent a good hour working on the chocolate and peanut butter squares which added the life to our little humble kitchen-table meal. (Don't worry, church family, you may see them tomorrow night at potluck. If there are any left!)

I am, of course, incredibly grateful that we have been spared the latest round of strep and other things making their way through our community and friends. (I feel for you all, I do!) However, I think it is only due to the fact that we have been on some form of antibiotics since well before Christmas and so all the germs have been kept at bay. We also discovered three-fourths of the way through that Jacob is allergic to penicillin. Sigh. I will not celebrate too long or too prematurely because I know in the world of small children, the next illness is just waiting around the corner. But when it is over, I will still celebrate!


  1. YAY!! Glad everyone is well. That is definitely worthy of a party!

  2. Huzzah!!!Huzzah!!!! Enjoyed seeing you all on Saturday and looking forward to coming over on the 11th.
    Give those healthy boys a hug for me.