Wednesday, January 12, 2005

(Don't) Share the Well?

During our recent travels, Allison and I were listening to Share the Well by Caedmon's Call, and we wondered how the Dalits have been affected by the tsunami and subsequent relief efforts. (For those unfamiliar with the Dalits, they are the "untouchable" caste in India. Caedmon's Call is working with organizations like the Dalit Freedom Network to raise awareness of their plight and the inhumane treatment they often face. Many of the songs on Share the Well directly address this issue.)

As this newspaper article shows, some things remain unchanged amidst the devastation.

Tsunami can’t wash this away: hatred for Dalits

Sadly, this story isn't getting much attention. If you are still looking for a means by which you can help tsunami relief, donating to the Dalit Freedom Network is a good way to make sure aid gets to those who need it, especially those who might otherwise be hindered by ancient prejudices and hatred.

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