Saturday, January 29, 2005

Snow Day!

Well, it's really more of an "ice" day. Not quite enough cover to even make a snowball. But is sure is pretty!

We don't get many of these in Atlanta, so the whole city basically shuts down. And today, the freezing rain just keeps coming, so even if the roads do get salted, they just ice right over again. Looks like we're stuck indoors. Darn! Too bad it's on a Saturday rather than a workday.

Usually, though, we'd be doing a million things anyway-- running between meetings, Kids Club, driving to Slope's for lunch, hosting an afternoon CARES Team event-- but today, we're staying inside near a roaring fire and watching episodes from Season 2 of Alias along with some of the movies we've gotten recently from the Blockbuster deal through We think Fargo is a fitting choice to watch next.

We do pray everyone in the path of the icy weather is safe at home as well.
Happy snow day, y'all!

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