Thursday, January 06, 2005

Monroe Journalism

We noticed, on Tuesday, a young lady sitting near us who seemed even more out of place than we did. Her nametag declared that she was the Faith and Values correspondant from the local Monroe paper. We wondered what in the world she must be thinking about the conference. How would she report about such an intricate internal debate to the wider media?

Well, now we know.

Articles from the Monroe News-Star before, during, and after the AAPC.

An excerpt:
While Baptists, Episcopalians and Presbyterians may not agree about many things, the conference showed they can engage in positive dialogue about their faith, said attendee Ray Atwood, president of New Saint Andrew's College in Moscow, Idaho.

"Gaffin represents an old-school Presbyterian view and Wright has an Orthodox perspective, but the great thing that's occurred is the clarity by which they've articulated their views," Atwood said.

I find it an interesting outsider's perspective. Understandably, she found Wright the more engaging speaker. I admire her for sticking it out through the entire conference, though she was obviously delving into unfamiliar theological waters with this assignment.

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