Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Today is Crazy Tie Day at the office. Snacks were served, judgments were made, and awards were given. There were some good (by which I mean "crazy") ones, but the best was the guy who won the award for "Grossest Tie" -- he didn't even know that today was Crazy Tie Day. Doh! Fortunately for him, the judges quickly devised the replacement category of "Most Elegant Tie" and gave him that honor instead.

(Somehow, I received the award for "Oldest Tie." The funny thing is, the tie isn't THAT old. I guess I under-estimated the deceptive power of paisleys.)

Correction: The guy mentioned above is officially immortalized as garnering the (dis)honor of "Grossest Tie," as all the "winning" ties are now on display in the hallway. But, you might ask, what will their owners do without their ties? Not to fear -- the award winners received, appropriately, new ties.

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