Friday, February 25, 2005

"Where does it go?"

Envy is a quirky yet amusing film that didn't receive much attention during its theatrical run (at least, I don't remember it getting much attention). It's actually pretty good, and tells, albeit in a bizarre manner, a pointed lesson about the title sin and its consequences. I also enjoyed the whimsically weird music/soundtrack, done by Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo fame, and a musical staple of Wes Anderson films). Probably not a "MUST RENT," but worth checking out some time. One word of caution: animal poop and related vocabulary permeate the entire film (and are integral to the plot), if that kind of thing bothers you. Consider yourself warned.

Oh, and it also stars Christopher Walken, who does not disappoint in portraying yet another eccentric character -- but could we expect anything less?

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