Tuesday, May 03, 2005


One Secondary English Education graduate student, age twenty-four.

If you lost your wife under a pile of educational literature, two-page single-spaced narrative essays, twenty-three artifacts from a year's worth of graduate work, a twenty-page case study of an English language learner, and two very large three-ring binders, please be advised that she has emerged unscathed.

Finally, I'm done! Today I completed my HUGE portfolio for my graduate program exit requirement and certification. I swear, when I took the thing down to GSU today, it must've weighed at least 15 pounds. I also should've gone for the 4-inch binder-- mine was bursting at the seams with all the documents I had to include. Graduation is on the horizon-- only four more classes to go!

This year, they didn't require us to submit it electronically as a website (for which I am extrememly grateful-- I'm such a perfectionist that formatting everything would've taken me FOREVER), so I can't give you a link to everything I've been working on for the past week.

However, if you're really curious to see something I created, I included the final version of my Online Learning Environment for my Instructional Technolgy class as one of my artifacts supporting the following standard: "Candidates have knowledge and understanding of a wide range of insructional practices, approaches, methods, and curriculum materials (including nonprint media and technological tools) to support writing instruction and the teaching of literature."

I'd like to publicly acknowledge how awesome Gaines has been throughout this entire year. There were too many nights where he we go to bed while I was still working on the computer and he would get up and... I'd still be working on the computer. I imagine he's just happy now to say he has a wife again. For a while it seemed I'd disappeared off the face of the earth. Thanks, dear, for "holding up my arms" by little things like helping me battle the laundry monster or cleaning the kitchen. You rock!

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