Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More like pre-ow!

A timely new e-mail from homestarrunner.com coincides with the successful community Yard Sale we organized this weekend.

Originally scheduled for Saturday, the crazy-craze lightning and thunderstorms that rolled through Atlanta that morning pushed it back to Sunday. Participating residents requested a morning start time, so I helped them set up the tables before going to church services. (Gaines, despite what the previous sentence may imply, was not skipping out on helping OR going to church. He goes to West Merritts super-early every week to practice the morning's worship songs.)

Apparently, as was recounted to me afterward, the yard sale was so successful that the police had to come out and run off all the customers because there were too many cars parked along the road in front of our apartment complex. I'm *almost* sorry we missed it.

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