Monday, May 16, 2005

Goings and Doings

As mentioned, our week off was fantastically relaxing. I'll avoid the blow-by-blow recap, but the basic contour was:

  • Spent a couple of days (including Mothers Day) with my family in Montgomery. With sister Amy recently getting engaged, and sister Erin preparing to graduate high school (tomorrow!) and head off to college in the Fall, there is quite a bit of excitement at the Redd homestead.
  • Spent a few days with Allison's family in Geneva (Alabama, that is), and also visited friends in nearby Dothan. We made one of our periodic raids on the wedding present treasure trove that Allison's folks (the Lees) have kindly stored for us these last few years (due to our apartment's limited storage capacity).
  • Spent a few days at the Lees' place at Lake Martin. Did a whole lot of nothing. It was great!
  • Returned to the ATL for our Friday after-school program with the kids at our complex.
  • Made a return trip to Montgomery for Amy's engagement party, which excelled in both food and fun.

  • Even though there were several stops along the way, they were spaced out enough to allow for much rest and relaxation. Plus, the driving allowed us to give the iPod its first road test, and all was well. We managed to do a lot of leisure reading and movie watching throughout the week. More on that anon.

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