Thursday, June 23, 2005

Breakfast on the Go

I used to make strange breakfast concoctions in high school and college. I guess technically I'm still in that stage, since I'm finishing up grad school, but lately I've been skipping breakfast altogether in the mornings (bad!) or just eating yogurt (not as filling as you'd think). So, this morning I broke out an old favorite-- quick, portable, semi-healthy, and tasty homemade fast food.
Eggo Sandwich

2 Low-Fat NutriGrain Whole Wheat Eggo waffles
1-2 tbsp. low-fat cream cheese
syrup or assorted berries

Toast the waffles. Spread the cream cheese over the waffles. Add some syrup. Smash together like a sandwich (with the cream cheese in the middle), wrap in a paper towel, and enjoy during the morning commute.

If you have them, and this might be preferred, add blueberries or sliced strawberries instead of syrup. It's more nutitious, and the cream cheese keeps the berries from falling out. I was out of fruit this morning. I wonder how bananas would taste?

I usually wash it down with a nice cup of OJ for extra fiber and vitamin C. The nutri-grain adds fiber and carbs, and the cream cheese has some protein. (Of course, substituting cottage cheese would be much better nutritionally, but not taste-wise. If you like that stuff, though, you could just eat a cup of cottage cheese and berries, but then you lose the portability and ease of handling factors.)

Well, none of this holds a candle to the homemade Belgian waffles we make for our residents one Saturday morning a month. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them. "Mmmm... Fattening..."

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