Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ugly Calvinism

Phil Johnson's blog post on "Quick-And-Dirty Calvinism" is a pretty good read, with a number of great observations. I think he is very much correct in noting that much of the backlash against Calvinism, especially from those who have in previous times embraced that label, is actually directed against a certain species of "Internet Calvinism" and not against actual, historic Calvinism. His closing advice is pretty apt:
And meanwhile, my advice to young Calvinists is to learn your theology from the historic mainstream Calvinist authors, not from blogs and discussion forums on the Internet. Some of the forums may be helpful in pointing you to helpful resources. But if you think of them as a surrogate for seminary, you're probably going to become an ugly Calvinist—and if you get hit in the face with a rotten egg, you probably deserve it.

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