Monday, June 06, 2005

mmm, nachos

We had a great time seeing Andrew Peterson in concert on Friday night. As with all AP shows, it was a mixture of wonderful songs, excellent musicians and hearty laughter (sometimes caused by forgotten lyrics). Picking a single highlight would be quite a feat, especially since Andy and gang played a few songs from his forthcoming album (due out in August). But if I had to narrow it down, one of the shining moments would be Andy's ode to his favorite Mexican restaurant. (Unless you've heard it before, you'll have to imagine that he is singing in a really high voice for the italicized parts. If you have heard it, then tap into your memory banks.)


There is a reason, you see
That I’m thicker in the middle
I could blame it on a bad knee
Maybe just a little

I could blame it on my blue jeans
Or that my wife is such a fine chef
My metabolism’s changing
But I haven’t told you why yet

It’s a magical, mysterious
Hispanically ambiguous glaze

What is that white stuff on my nachos?
It’s too thick for melted cheese
It’s too thin to be just milk so
Won’t somebody tell me please
What is that white stuff I’m consuming
Beause it’s so consuming me

You know they’ll never tell you
‘Cause then they’d have to kill you
There’s a mother lode of cheese juice
They found at Maccu Picchu

In the temple of the Incas
There’s a fountain flowing cheese dip
And they smuggle it to Texas
And they trick us with the free chips

It’s mind control in a salsa bowl
Well, I’m not even sure I remember how I got here


So this is sort of a love song
It’s a kind of confession
As for me, you see I’m long gone
So consider this a lesson

They wanna make us into zombies
Lurching to La Hacienda
To gobble up the chimichangis
That isn’t how you wanna end up

I can tell you that Mexico remembers the Alamo
And the ghost of Montezuma’s on the move

He’s taking over with the white stuff on my nachos
It’s too thin for melted cheese
It’s too thick to be just milk
In its sublime consistency
What is that white stuff I’m consuming
Because it’s so consuming me
What is that white stuff, won’t somebody tell me please
What is that white stuff? I don’t care, just pass the cheese

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