Friday, September 09, 2005

Allison's Picks

The homepage at the computer in the faculty lounge is, which I don't usually visit, except, of course, when I'm kicked out of my classroom during 7th Pd because another teacher is in there. Today I noticed a link to the best "cheap eats" and thought I'd check it out.

Surprisingly, Atlanta's list had quite a few of our favorite after-church fellowship spots, including:

Fellini's Pizza


I've only eaten at Taqueria del Sol once, but it's incredible. Now that they've opened one in Midtown I'm trying to encourage everyone to go there. Sad that they're not open on Sundays.

Gaines has eaten at Fat Matt's with the guys, so I've heard on good authority that the ribs are de-lish.

Waffle House is a staple late-night eatery, of course, created by none other than a couple of Georgia Tech grads.

The Varsity is a Hot-lanta landmark, but I just can't make myself eat there more than once every few years. It's like instant artery-clogging grease-infused burgers and dogs.

Other favorites that weren't included on their list:
LaFonda Latina
El Torrero

Mellow Mushroom

Also, instead of Doc Fey's Noodle House, which I'm sure is good but I've never tried, we prefer Mama Fu's, which is owned by the same folks as Moe's. Instead of the usual Moe's greeting, however, we find it quite humorous that they shout "Welcome to Mama!" whenever you walk in the door. I always think I must be in some surreal Italian restaurant.

Speaking of Mama Fu's-- one Monday night, a group of us girls decided to meet there. Usually it is like a fast-food restaurant where you order at the counter and the only convenience is that they bring your order to your table. Well, this particular evening must've been the test run of their attempt at a high class establishment. When we entered, there were no less than 13 hostessess and servers standing like British guards waiting for us. They actually asked us to be seated, set out cloth napkins, gave us real menus and took our order at the table. Admittedly, we were a little weirded out at first, especially since they brought us drinks from the foutain machines that were less than three feet away from our table. The best, though, was when my friend ordered hot tea (they only had green) and then she asked for creamer. They didn't have any, so they actually went to the CVS next door and bought some for her! Talk about service! They certainly got a nice tip and a good review that evening.

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