Friday, September 09, 2005

Tell me the story...

Les Newsom over at CommonGrounds has posted a beautiful retelling of the history of our world from the Christian perspective called Katrina and the Kingdom. A must-read.

It also echoes many of the insights about creation and recreation I discussed in this post last month.

Though Katrina's wrath continues to be a great tradedy, we do not grieve as they who have no hope. God's plan is to recast this sin-soaked world with an ultimate comedic end -- the renewal of all things. In this effort of picking up pieces and restoring the ruins, may we remember that as Christians we are called to be part of the restoration efforts now, helping others not only to rebuild their lives but their homes and their cities as well. It will take a great many people in the months and years ahead to reclaim the Gulf Coast, and it can only be done in the light of Christ's work on the cross. As Les so eloquently noted:
I have realized that only the Christian story ennobles and prepares and mobilizes into action the necessary amount of spiritual and social resources to preserve life in these situations. ... May God help us as his Kingdom strides forward to reclaim yet another chapter of human history marred by the destructive effects of sin.

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