Sunday, September 04, 2005


Last night as we were out eating dinner before the GT game, I noticed something odd about the little girl at the table next to us. Bright fuschia wings protruded from her back. However, they were not your ordinary run-of-the-mill butterfly wings or angel wings, or even fairy wings. They were dragon wings. Bat-like, plush, sparkling hot pink appendages representing all that is fantastical and fun. Her parents should be proud.

After taking in her father's Star Wars t-shirt and the bag on her stroller advertising Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, I figured they had just returned from a day at DragonCon, the annual (non-bi-monthly) science fiction convention in Atlanta. I'm afraid of it. But I did hear that set up a table there this year. That's cool.

Speaking of dragons, last Sunday night on our way to church, we stopped at a red light on Buford Hwy (notorious for making out-of-town visitors believe they've magically arrived in a foreign country in the middle of Atlanta due to the lack of English-language billboards and store signs) behind a bright red pickup truck. The owner of said vehicle had a lovely landscape painted on his tailgate. There were the usual mountains and southwestern-esque feel, but this automotive art had an added touch. With a certain valiant flair, some talented spraypaint connoisseur depicted the very same red truck at the base of a large scary castle being attacked by a large, black, scaly fire-breathing dragon. He was certainly proud of his truck; though, from our vantage point it was hard to tell who was the victor. There was no sign of the dragon anywhere, so I'll leave it up to you, faithful reader, to decide who won that battle.

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