Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Revenge of the Birds

A few months back, I noted that our porch birdfeeder had been overrun by crows, who scare away the cute birds. Fortunately, we haven't had too much trouble with them over the last few months. Unfortunately, their absence is directly correlated with our slack-ness in keeping the feeder refilled. The weekend before last, in a fit of productivity, we restocked the feeder and anxiously waited for the cute birds to return. Several days passed with no sign of our winged friends, but finally, they began returning for free food.

Unfortunately, the crows have also returned, in larger numbers than before. There is something quite unsettling about looking out the window to see a half dozen nasty crows perched on my porch. Yesterday, they took things a little too far. Peering out the window, I noticed that one of our potted plants had been rudely knocked from its place on the ledge (right near the bird feeder) and shattered on the concrete floor beneath it. I think you can guess who the prime suspects are.

Allison wants to construct some kind of scarecrow to get rid of them. I am considering a more dramatic option. Let's just say they don't call them a "murder" of crows for nothing.

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