Thursday, March 30, 2006

Atlanta Coyotes

Local news:
If you thought that coyotes in Atlanta were an urban legend, an 11Alive News photographer has proven otherwise. Photojournalist Ron Nakfoor recorded video Thursday night of some coyotes wandering along the railroad tracks near the Lenox MARTA station.

From: Caught on Tape: Buckhead Coyotes

For those of you unfamiliar with Atlanta, Buckhead is a fairly affluent section of town, and the MARTA station referenced is right near a large business district (malls, shops, etc).

(Granted, I'm not sure how credible the story is, since it claims that coyotes are "otherwise known as prairie dogs." I think that should be "prairie wolves.")

(Edit: Ah well, it looks like someone did some additional proofreading: it says "prairie wolf" now. Phew!)

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