Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lessons Learned

One important lesson I learned during my sister's wedding this past weekend: make every effort to avoid cracking your right thumbnail an hour prior to playing a set of classical guitar music in front of a few hundred family members, friends and strangers. A second, but equally-important lesson: fingernail glue combined with clear nail polish can work wonders in a bind. (Let's keep the bit about the nail polish between you and me, though. Deal?)

Other than that slight bit of drama, the wedding was great. My sister looked beautiful and radiant with joy. Her new husband is such a great guy and a welcome addition to the family. (I know the bride is supposed to be the focus, but I must mention that Allison looked quite lovely in her bridesmaid dress. And if you'll pardon the digression, why can married ladies be referred to as "matrons of honor" but never "bridesmatrons"? I don't get it.) And most importantly, the wedding service was truly a celebration of God's goodness to us through Christ, working actively in the lives of two people He has called together in marriage.

Another lesson I learned, this one from the after-rehearsal dinner: if you are going to play music with a bunch of folks, it's always good to learn the song more than five minutes prior to hitting the stage. The dinner was held at the Hank Williams Museum (in Montgomery), which actually has a cool meeting/reception area upstairs, complete with a stage. My sister and (now) brother-in-law were in a rock band in college, and they all re-united for a few songs during the after-rehearsal festivities. Who was I to deny their request to come onstage and play guitar on a few country songs, in honor of the hallowed halls in which we stood? It was a lot of fun.

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