Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mapping Sufjan Stevens

Chicago Public Radio recently produced a neat little special on Sufjan Stevens that aired this past weekend. From their website:
Chicago Public Radio goes in depth with musician Sufjan Stevens. His album Illinois was one of the most critically acclaimed of 2005. It's the second installment of his project memorializing each of the 50 states in song, and cemented Stevens as a major American musical talent. So where did he come from? What other projects did he do on the way to Illinois? How did he get from his first band Marzuki, to being the recipient of the New Pantheon Music Award? And how did he get such a weird name? Eight Forty Eight's Steve Edwards has the answers to these questions and more in our hour-long special, Mapping Sufjan Stevens, including an interview with the artist and commentary from the critics at Pitchforkmedia. We'll also hear Stevens's collaboration with Long Haul Productions—a radio documentary on the town of Brinkley, Arkansas.

Download the entire (27 MB) program.

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