Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where Does It Go?

The time, that is.

Plenty of blog-fodder these days, but there seems to be a real shortage of writing time. So, here are a few items that probably deserve posts of their own, but alas, this is probably the only notice they will ever get:

  • Our friends the Cranes pulled together a cool "Murder Mystery Dinner" over the weekend. Allison and I had never before participated in such an event, but man, was it fun! I got to be an 8th Century Chinese patriarch. But I wasn't the killer. That's a good thing, I think.

  • While searching for costume-age for the aforementioned dinner, I discovered the wonder that is "Used Books For Sale at Goodwill." We found some really cool stuff on those shelves (like a CHEAP copy -- in hardback! -- of Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild, which incidentally is the basis for the song "Bus 152" by the inimitable Eric Peters), but I fear we may have only strengthened our insatiable book-addiction.

  • Spirited Away is a weird movie. Visually, it was amazing, and I enjoyed watching it, but ... yeah, weird.

  • I've been enjoying Tom Wright's For Everyone series installments on the Gospels. Even though they are written at a popular level (as in, they're "for everyone"), they offer plenty of examples of Wright's knack for connecting the texts to their cultural and literary contexts. It's also refreshing to read the Bishop's pastoral works, as they provide a counterbalance to the criticisms that he neglects the personal aspects of Christian faith and discipleship.

  • Alias is back, and so far, I'm fairly underwhelmed.

  • (Actually, that last one probably doesn't deserve a post of its own.)

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