Monday, April 10, 2006

Sufjan To Release Illinois Outtakes

From Asthmatic Kitty Records:
Asthmatic Kitty is pleased to announce that we will officially release most of the unused material from the ILLINOIS album, featuring 21 songs, instrumentals, interludes and demos, including three alternate versions of Chicago, as well as cameos from Clyde Tombaugh (the man who discovered Pluto), Adlai Stevenson, Henry Darger, and Ann Landers, to name a few. We thought of calling it ILLINOIS PART II, Saul Bellow Strikes Back, or RETURN OF THE KILLER OUTTAKE, but common sense weighed in, and we decided to use the title song--THE AVALANCHE--as the centerpiece for a collection that gathers all the musical debris from an album that keeps on giving. The album features the original Illinoisemaker players, showcasing James McAlister on drums, Craig Montoro on trumpet, singers Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) and Katrina Kerns, and several guest appearances by singer Rosie Thomas, who, contrary to popular rumor, is NOT carrying Sufjan's baby. The new baby is due in stores July 11, 2006.

More info on The Avalanche.

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