Friday, June 29, 2007

One Reason I Want Jacob to Play with Wooden Toys

This sobering article on ever-present plastics has been making the blogosphere rounds, so I don't quite remember where I saw it first. To me, it was most striking to think that all the plastic ever made still exists! And it's in so many products we use daily...

I did notice today that Target prints "10 Ways to Re-use Your Target Bag" on their plastic shopping bags. Did I just not see that before? Has anyone else seen it on Target bags? Reusing the plastic bags is a very small step, but one of many I think we all need to be making.

[Edit to add:] Does anyone take their own reusable bag(s) to the grocery store (kristen?)? How do you handle big trips?

For another small step, here are some online resources I've found for quality wooden and/or cloth toys:
  • Stump Pond Toys

  • Haba

  • Natural Pod

  • Lark

  • Melissa & Doug

  • Until Kara

  • Please share any more sites like this you might have found or ways that you avoid using plastic!

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