Monday, April 26, 2004

Although I'm not one to read Christianity Today that often, or to put stock in its polls and rankings, today I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Apartment Life has been named the #1 Best Christian Workplace in the Parachurch and Missions (30 or Fewer Employees) Category.

There are only 26 employees in Apt. Life, and thankfully, the organization is not expected to expand anytime soon, especialy since the President's plan is to dismantle the organization within the next 8 years. He then hopes to hand the ministry model over to local churches, so that outreach can be implemented within local apartment communities by church members. Spiffy, eh?

I just want to commend Apartment Life for attempting to merge "business principles" with "proclaiming the Gospel." It's an odd mix, but we've seen the practical, life-altering ramifications of being faithful to the latter while navigating the former. Though it is difficult to find sincerity in the constantly shifting and highly competitive apartment industry, I think Apartment Life is succeeding in establishing that through hands-on, incarnational ministry. And I'm grateful to be a part of it.

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