Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Totally 80's

I am not ashamed of being a child of the '80's. Or the fact that my friend Cheryl and I went to see 13 Going on 30 last night. It was hilarious!

We were laughing afterwards how much we WERE the 13 year old characters. I mean-- the sweater with the purple hearts? I had the same one and wore it all the time. Dorky glasses? Check. Metal braces? Yup. Wanted a Barbie Dream House? Oh yeah. I eventually got some monstrous 3-story pink cardboard mansion with a plastic elevator. It was, like, rad. Some other higlights of 80's nostalgia in the film: Trapper Keepers. Fruit Roll-ups. Thriller. The Clash. Rick Springfield. Side ponytails. Thinking pina coladas were the grown-up drinks. I must've missed out on Razzles, though. I'd never heard of "the candy that's also a gum" until this movie! (Of course, I was actually born in 1980, so I probably missed a lot along the way.)

I was pleasantly surprised at the innocence of Jennifer Garner's character. There were very few innuendos and very little vulgarity. It was just a fun movie that I might actually take a real 13 year-old to see. Although, I don't think they would appreciate all the "in-jokes" as much as we did. This is definitely a movie for those who lived through the decade!

One last blast from the past: Online M.A.S.H. You know you want to!

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