Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Growing up, I absolutely loved to watch the award-winning Disney Channel series Avonlea. The show was based on L.M. Montgomery's novels The Story Girl and The Golden Road, which I read countless times.

Today, perhaps to cheer myself up from the hours of tortured Tech basketball we suffered through last night, I found the website for Sullivan Entertainment, the company that produced the Anne films and the Road to Avonlea television series.

Apparently, they have the first three seasons available on DVD! They are fantastically expensive, at about $100 each, but I think it is well worth the price to own 36 episodes of a high-quality family show based on books by one of my favorite authors. Well, of course we can't afford it now, but one day, perhaps...I hope that my (as yet imagined) children will be able to enjoy the adventures of Sarah Stanley, Gus Pike and the whole King clan in all their technicolor glory.

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