Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Worship Leaders and Theology

Bob Kauflin had a series of posts last week lamenting the fact that many church musicians simply do not have a great desire to study theology, and I think he makes some very good points. I think most Christians, musicians or not, would admit that we don't study the Bible like we should. But I think this is even more problematic when it concerns musicians in the church, especially those who lead worship. In many churches, the "worship leader" -- for all practical purposes -- has a teaching position second in authority only to the pastor. And a further argument could be made that, for many churches, the content of the worship music imparts far more theology than the pastor's sermon. It isn't merely that some sermons aren't substantive (of course, that happens, too!) -- the greater issue is that music is a powerful medium for communication, for better or for worse.

Now, I don't think that churches should require a doctorate in theology for leading worship, or anything like that. However, I think local assemblies and pastors would benefit greatly by encouraging their worship leaders to study theology more seriously, in order to better serve and instruct their congregations.

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