Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Jamie Lyn graciously commented below that I must be creative in the kitchen (thanks!). However, I must admit I usually just change things up because I get bored. Also, I mostly steal ideas from others and adapt them just a little bit. (Isn't that what all good teachers are trained to do, anyway? Just borrow other people's ideas and use it for their own advantage? Ah, the glories of a graduate education.)

Seriously, though, I can't take credit for some of my best recent sucesses in the kitchen. I have to let you in on my most awesome favorite recipe blog of secret cooking knowledge. (Secret knowledge. Secret eating. Mmmmmm....) I'm sorry I've been holding out on you, my three loyal blog readers. So, dum da da it is:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

(The exclamation point is essential.) I don't even remember how I found out about this site, but I've been hooked ever since, especially after seeing that Thanksgiving meal. Those photographs! Those gloriously fattening foods! The easy-to-find ingredients! The step-by-step visual instructions!

Ree is like Nigella for us regular Americans. She makes everything look good!

And look at the recipe she posted today: Apple Dumplings. Made with Mountain Dew! Oh. My. Goodness. That is sure to be Gaines' favorite new dessert. I think I may have to try that. Soon.

Recently I made her Party Quesadillas for a girls' night and I finished the evening with The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. I didn't believe it was the best, but then I tried it. And it really is that good! (Also, I ended up tweaking it, too. Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Cocoa was on sale at the store, so I used that instead of the regular kind. It was heavenly and indulgent and divine. Don't make this if you are on a diet. But really, why diet when there are so many good recipes out there?)

So, go forth and make your own awesome culinary creations! Enjoy!


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