Tuesday, February 05, 2008


We voted this morning. (If you haven't voted today, there's still time! Here in Georgia, the polls are open until 7 p.m.)

Our voting location chose an insanely small room in which to hold the primaries. I carried Jacob in the sling, thankfully, but these two mamas who came in after me with extremely large and cumbersome strollers were in for an adventure. The room was also set up inefficiently, which didn't help.

After meandering our way through three tables in the midst of the crowd, Jacob finally got to watch Mom vote. But the voting "booths" weren't exactly private. The computer screen was in a row with six other computer screens and if you were standing right next to someone, you could probably see how they voted. Not that I really minded, but still.

At least Jacob was able to witness the democratic process in action. :)

We're actually excited about watching the returns tonight (after House, of course!). Lately, with all the debates and caucuses and primaries, we've become slightly addicted to checking C-SPAN. We don't have cable, so if we're itching for something political and it's not on the networks, we turn there. Or the internet, of course.

Is anyone else planning to watch the returns tonight? I'd just like to see Ron Paul get double digits (!). I have a feeling the Republican primary in Georgia is going to be spread out between all four candidates. On my way home from the polls, I saw 2 McCain signs, 2 Huckabee signs, 1 Romney and 1 Paul sign. I have a feeling that's going to be similar to the distribution of votes...


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