Monday, February 04, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Super Tuesday's tomorrrow. It's only a day away!

And even though I know who I'm voting for, I still take multiple candidate matching quizzes, just because I can. And they're kind of fun. If you still are undecided, the two quizzes I linked to might be useful.

It's probably no surprise to friends and readers that on the issues I matched up closest with Ron Paul and was furthest from Barack Obama, even though the latter probably has a more likely chance of winning a presidential nomination. Oh, well. I'm still voting my conscience tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

No matter who you vote for, just make sure that if you are in a Super Tuesday state, that you are going to the polls! Make your voice heard!

P.S. Reading a biography of Ronald Reagan during election season has been an entertaining and eye-opening endeavor. I promise a full review once I finish.


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