Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick Thoughts on the LOST Season Finale

(I do not think these contain spoilers. If you saw the episode, though, feel free to make comments ON OUR BLOG and know that those will NOT be spoiler-free.)

1. The opening scene blew away all my expectations and cancelled out quite a few of my guesses, especially about Jacob. Best. Episode. Ever.

2. What happened at the end of the episode IS "the incident." The past will not be rewritten.

3. Juliet = Desmond when he turned the key in season 2

4. All of the castaways who were in 1977 will be returned to 2007 or sometime thereafter.

5. Jacob vs. "unamed guy in black" showdown will be "the war" that has been coming

6. "unamed guy in black" = the Smoke monster

7. I must read more Flannery O'Connor. See: recurring theme of resurrection

I'm sure I'll come up with more tomorrow, but for now: discuss!

UPDATE: This recap by some guy named Todd touches on many of the religious themes of the show, and even dubs" unnamed guy in black" as Esau. Thoughts?


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