Friday, June 19, 2009

Diaper FAIL

This is not a discussion about cloth vs. disposable. I use both. This is a brand-name showdown.

Now, I've never really been a disposable diaper brand purist. I use cloth when we're staying at home (and are not overwhelmed with laundry), and I've used almost every store brand and name brand diaper out there. But today, I ruled one brand right out.

Huggies. I've been using another brand I bought on sale with a coupon for a month or so now. No blowouts with those, even when he went two days without pooping before his most recent mudslide. Last night, I ran out of the last package, and Jacob was asleep in his room so I didn't go for cloth. Instead, I broke out a package of size 2 Huggies someone gave me. They're fine for regular wetness, it seems, but on this occasion, I score them ZERO. Not more than five seconds after I heard the tell-tale signs of impending poopiness, I saw the evidence. Ugh.

My 4 month-old does not poop often. In fact, lately, he poops once a day or once every few days. We have had very few blowouts. However, today, he had not one but TWO full-blown poop explosions: the kind that seep onto the onesie and require extensive stain treatment, the kind that require a bath. (Lest he touch some part of his body and inevitably put his hand in his mouth, which of course he does often.) So, make that two extra things to launder and an extra bath! Not to mention the wipes. This was a two WASHCLOTH kind of poopy day. Oh, and yes, the first diaper FAIL leaked onto the bouncy seat. Yet another thing to wash. It comes with the territory, of course, but I have a feeling this could have been prevented...

If Jacob was feeling better, I might not mind as much. But while he's napping finally and I'm unable to access the cloth, I'm choosing the Pampers I have left in the diaper bag.

P.S. Not to besmear the Huggies name altogether, I do like their Little Swimmers for the pool, and their size medium just happens to fit both boys. (I got them cheap last year at the end of the season and have enough for the entire summer. Yay!) Oh, and I guess their Pull-Ups aren't bad either. Okay, so maybe it's just their regular diapers that aren't as efficient?


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