Thursday, June 18, 2009


No, really. I'm not just pretending that's my age. I'm actually 29 today. (But I'm hoping this one will just stick and I'll be perpetually in my 20's. I suppose that's not realistic for a mom, though. Maybe I can fake it for a few more years?!)

Today was like March: in like a lion, out like a lamb. Jacob's been running a fever the past few days and about 1am this morning I was holding him when he threw up all over me. The day could only go up from there, right?

I did get woken up this morning by a little voice saying "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" and bearing a card with his scribbles included. Even when sick he is absolutely adorable and sweet.

The best part of my day?

A cone for dad. A free cone for Jacob. And a free (with coupon) "Birthday Cake" ice cream cone for moi. Best $5 we've spent all week.

Thanks for all the calls, cards, and well-wishes! They've made my evening!


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