Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Things

  • Shopping for a Father's Day gift and finding the perfect tool box --on sale, even!-- 10 minutes before the store closes.

  • Realizing that bathing suit shopping is not impossible.

  • Making my first Mary Kay on-the-spot sale to a complete stranger at a spa event in Woodstock on Saturday. I can do this!

  • Enjoying the awesomeness that is Slope's BBQ.

  • Knowing that Gaines stayed up in the middle of the night with Jacob when he was sick so that I could get some sleep with Ethan.

  • Celebrating what an awesome father Gaines has been and continues to be.

  • Spending time with the boys' grandparents (and aunts Amy and Erin! and uncle Mike! and Kevin!).

  • Not having to cook or do housekeeping for a whole week while we're in Alabama.

  • Getting back $4 Extra Care Bucks on a $1.97 purchase at CVS.

  • Finding out that same CVS takes expired coupons.

  • Our families' liberal use of air conditioning.

  • A four-month old who is sleeping more than 5 hours at night.

  • Hearing that Gaines got a copy of N.T. Wright's Surprised by Hope for free using Border's Bucks.

  • Knowing that Gaines took a week's vacation so he could study Advanced Biblical Exegesis. He rocks.

  • How unlimited calling and the internet make the distance between Geneva and Atlanta seem small.

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