Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Walks with Waterfowl

The past several weeks we've seen some glorious fall weather.

To take advantage of these beautiful, blustery days, we have been taking walks near the pond at our apartment complex.

Usually, we go on Thursdays after handing out cookies to the school kids. Cookie Days interrupt our usual naptime, but I know these apartment events will be ending soon, so I like to think I am finding ways to enjoy them as a family rather than rush through and just get the job done.

One day, I finally remembered to bring some bread.

Quite a gaggle of geese have occupied our little patch of water, competing with the dozen or so ducks who can usually be found here year-round.

Once the bread ran out, Jacob shared his Goldfish crackers. He can be so thoughtful.

Last Thursday, the ducks and geese avoided us, though we came bearing a boutiful harvest of old bread. The birds were probably just full from someone else feeding them earlier in the day, but I secretly wondered if they despised us for the pervious week's meager offering.

This time, will they remember how we cast the bread out even when they didn't swim our way? Gentle reader, we shall keep you informed.


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