Wednesday, May 12, 2004


We just received Chronicles in the mail on Monday. Um, yeah, if you were counting, that's a month late. (I won't even go into what I think of the duplicitous Grassroots changeover. Let's just say we won't be ordering from them anymore.)

Anyway, I'm listening to it as I'm cleaning this morning, and it's alright. The two new songs aren't anything to speak of lyrically or anything. New-ish Caedmons sound. It's good to hear the old songs, but I'll always enjoy listening to Guild 1 or 40 Acres or My Calm//Your Storm more than this.

When I take a break to read the liner notes, I notice something. The only acknowledgement they give Aaron Tate on the entire album is to credit him as a songwriter. He's not in the "Thanks" except included with the "all our family, friends, relatives, and those who have helped us over the last 12 years." To give them benefit of the doubt they don't thank Randall anywhere else either, but still, he's a very recent addition. I just think it is odd and a little sad that Aaron's not greatly acknowledged, when his songwriting is what drew much of their loyal fan base in the early years. I mean, he wrote ALL of MC//YS. Of course, Derek and Sandra are thanked, and Derek is listed under "The Band: Past and Present." As it should be. But not even a nod to Aaron? Hmmmm.

I'm curious to hear the internationally inspired songs coming out in the fall. If they use lots of Randall's songs and Andrew Osenga's and stay away from Josh's songwriting, it'll be fine. I have my doubts, though. If only the "organic, folk" sound that Cliff promises for the next album comes true. We'll see...

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