Monday, May 17, 2004

On a happier note

We had the distinct privilege of seeing Randall Goodgame in concert this weekend. That alone would have been reason for great rejoicing, since he's way cool. He played an abundant selection of good tunes, including Allison's favorite, "The Peanuts Trilogy." (Of course, I'm more partial to "The Pope Was A Lady" -- nuh-uh!)

But the better part of the evening was talking with Randall afterwards about the upcoming Caedmon's Call album. He has played an integral part in the songwriting process for the album, including traveling to India with the band to cultivate material. The concept sounds really cool. Musically, they are trying to incorporate elements from a great number of ethnic musical styles from around the world, including India, Ecuador and Brazil. But the lyrical themes of the album seem to revolve around the concept (shocking as it may sound to some) that the American church is not THE Church. A special focus of the album will be on the the dalits -- the "untouchable" caste of Indian society. Randall was extremely excited about the album, and we are too! Obviously, the Redds (among others) have been a bit disappointed with the last two offerings from Caedmon's, but hope springs eternal.

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