Sunday, May 23, 2004

Too Much TV

After watching the Alias finale (not Marshall!), we were channel surfing and stumbled across one of the five local religious channels available on our very basic cable plan. Since it is about the only night a week we watch TV, we have to get our TBN-like laugh allotment, right?

So, anyway, some guy named "Apostle Skip" who heads a scary Day Star Tabernacle International cul--er, church, was on. His podium is a large mirrored star, and his stage props included faux gold "lampstands" with fake fire -- you know, the kind with a piece of orange and red cloth attatched to a fan. Classic gaudy.

I just wanted to share his "best Bible verse misuse" of the evening.

"Listen y'all, God is a businessman. (You know it!) Because Jesus was 'about His Father's business.'"

Okay, so, at least, I found it funny at the time. Maybe I had too much caffeine.

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