Friday, May 21, 2004

This will probably put even more dangerous thoughts in my brain

And I was trying to keep myself limited to reading 3 books or less at once ...

But The Failure of the American Baptist Culture looks like a good read so far, even if it's a tad dated. The first essay discusses the "intellectual schizophrenia" in modern Baptistic America (and the bulk of evangelicalism that it has influenced). I think it's pretty relevant in light of the gay marriage debacle. Evangelical Christians want to stand tall (and rightfully so) and oppose the normalizing of a gross sin, but their own presuppositions cut their legs out from under them. If we buy into the "myth of neutrality" and refuse to acknowledge that our civil laws must be rooted in God's law, how can we consistently oppose sin?

I hope to stick with this one, although I don't have such a good record with online books. If I can do this one, maybe I can finally get around to reading those AAPC papers!

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