Monday, May 31, 2004


Expect an abundance of blogging in the near future: Allison and I just got back from a week's vacation in Arizona. Very nice, especially the two days we spent at the Grand Canyon.

But first things first. Upon arriving home, I was saddened to learn from my middle sister that our family dog, Lucy, died this weekend. Lucy was a pretty strange dog. My youngest sister "rescued" her from the shelter as a puppy, 8 years ago. Lucy was born with a deformed paw, but she never let her handicap keep her down. Through persistence, she managed to upgrade her status to "indoor dog," even though she left the carpet and furniture coated in a thin layer of white hair. (Of course, my sisters' tendency to dress her in "people clothes" and to allow her to sleep in their beds probably played a role here.) We think she may have had a thing for my Dad, since she always growled jealously whenever Mom gave him a kiss or hug. My family learned to be nimble and watchful, due to Lucy's proclivity for snatching unattended food (her greatest feat being a pound of uncooked bacon from the kitchen counter). For a while, we even thought she had somehow mastered the art of opening the back door with her paws. (It turned out that the door just didn't close completely. But hey, she still gets points for figuring that much out.) Despite her quirks, she was a faithful dog, ever keeping watch against the wiles of the UPS man (she even raised the bar for watchfulness by taking a healthy bite out of every package delivered to the house -- just in case). She always seemed glad to see me (and Allison, once she joined the family) whenever we came home to visit.

She will be missed.

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