Wednesday, October 13, 2004

By the way, "Renewing Your Mind" is focusing on Predestination for a couple of weeks. I used to listen to the show regularly during my lunch break. But, I'm working out of a client's office now, and I don't get that chance very often. Fortunately, the website archives previous broadcasts. I always enjoy R.C. Sproul, and this seems like it will be a good series. The first one (Monday's) set the groundwork and established the tone quite well. I especially liked his plea for discernment in approaching the subject of predestination. But, I especially liked a comment he made about dealing with difficult questions of theology. He recounted a time when he was the guest on a radio show, and a caller asked him a very deep question. Due to time constraints, he couldn't give a full answer. So, R.C. actually opted out of answering. He explained that, for a question of deep theological significance, he would rather give no answer at all than give an incomplete answer that was inadequate or incoherent. Very wise, and definitely worth taking to heart.

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