Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Crash Into Me

(I know, I know, I've been too busy to blog lately. Actually, I've made up lots of posts in my head, but I haven't really found time to type them out. I probably don't have time to write this one, but it just seems like a must-blog topic. Also, you'll find out the reason Gaines got to leave work early on Monday.)

So yesterday afternoon, as I was driving to Georgia State for classes, minding my own business, cruising down Courtland Street through a green light--- just as I was belting out the line "En El Senor es siempre bueno"-- I experienced a loud CLUNK, airbag explosions, and a sudden infusion of acrid smoke. Some idiot had tried to make a right turn directly into my Honda! The nerve!

The good news is, I'm okay. There were no injuries, except for a few minor bruises and some soreness on my part (which is to be expected from the bursting air bag). Needless to say, I didn't make it to class last night. My wonderful husband brought me home to get some rest and relax. (And eventually, finish some homework...)

I'm not sure how to describe the accident since I can't draw you a picture of the crazy downtown street where it happened, but I'll do my best. I had just exited off of Interstate I-75/85 onto Courtland Street. Where the exit lanes (there are two) merge onto Courtland, the powers that be have placed some of those white traffic pilings all the way to the intersection to keep people from merging into the other two lanes. And for good reason, too, as I found out yesterday afternoon.

I was in the left exit lane and heading through the intersection with a green light, and the other guy was in the lane to my left, on the other side of the pilings. (This is the middle two lanes of a one-way street, btw.) The guy apparently didn't see me and attempted to go around the pilings and turn right onto Baker-- another one way street (downtown Atlanta is full of 'em all going crazy which ways). I guess he thought he was clear to turn, but he thought WRONG. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to turn right at that intersection if you are anywhere other than the far right lane, but hey, maybe that's just me. Silly road rules.

Anyway, the impact was enough to set off the air bags, destroy my bumper and left front headlight, and shatter my windshield. I'm just thankful I had sense enough to get out of the car quickly. That air bag smoke is putrid. I think that was my only moment of panic. Since I've never experienced the whole "air bag exploding in my face with lots of talcum powder smoke" bit before, there was a split second when I thought my car was on fire and that I couldn't get out because of trouble with the seat belt. I jumped out as soon as I could free myself from the safety restraint. Also, some nice guy in a car behind me called 911 and offered to be a witness if needed. Yay, Providence.

All parties were very polite. We swapped info and assessed the damage, and in the process gathered a few security officers from the hotels on either side of the street. According to the security officers, it is a popular spot for accidents. Apparently, lots of stupid drivers attempt a right turn in the middle of the intersection (I felt foot-in-mouth disease coming on tonight when one of my classmates said she'd done the very thing many times before! eek!).

All's well that ends well, I suppose. I had yesterday evening to catch up on some homework and get some much-needed rest. (The first week student-teaching in a local middle school has been killer. I'm quite drained. I'll update more information on that...um, later. Maybe this week. It's a lot of ground to cover.) Anyways, I just hope we get our car fixed SOON. I spent what felt like most of today on the phone or stationed at the fax machine trying to work out all the details to get my car out of the tow yard, to the collision place, and authorized to be fixed-- and that better be worth something! I was missing valuable lessons on transitive and intransitive verbs! (Seriously!) At least the other guy's insurance is paying for the repairs, thank goodness. And we're getting a rental car this week. Yay! God is good all the time. (Say it with me: "All the time, God is good!") What good little youth group alumni you are!

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