Tuesday, October 19, 2004

how bizarre

Today has been a strange and disorienting day. When I left work yesterday, the building was afflicted by sweltering heat, due to the (oft)malfunctioning HVAC system. When I showed up today, clad in my usual dress shirt and tie, I was bewildered to see all my co-workers in casual dress. Apparently, management had dispatched a notice at the end of the day allowing everyone to dress down until the AC was restored. (I left early yesterday and, hence, did not see the e-mail.) Ironically, the AC is back with a vengeance today, and it is actually COLD. Fortunately, I'm wearing long sleeves.

But that's not all. Thunderstorms have been rolling through all day, with heavy rainfall in tow. Part of the parking lot is at a low elevation, so we've got a small lake filling up. Unfortunately, several folks have not learned their lesson about parking down there. So, we've enjoyed the guilty pleasure of watching these motorists try to wade through the waters* and rescue their vehicles.

And, if that's not enough, a small airplane crashed less than a mile from the office.

What's next?

* It's bad enough that these people had to wade through a foot or so of water to get into their cars. But even worse, this is right near the sewer construction project. So, guess where some of that water is coming from? Or maybe you shouldn't.

UPDATE: The building just sent out an e-mail advising folks to start evacuating the parking lot due to the rising waters. Most of my team members had the sense to park on higher ground, but we are watching the situation very carefully. Also, the consensus (from those with much more construction and site planning experience than I) is that the city's sewer project blocked the drainage that prevents the lot from turning into a pond. Oops!

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