Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Two for Tuesday

Yesterday was a great day for music at the Redd house. Not only did our copy of Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God arrive, but we also picked up the new Caedmon's Call album Share the Well.

Simply put, Share the Well is a great album. It must be confessed that we've been burned by the last few Caedmon's offerings. But, after talking with Randall Goodgame this spring, we have been eagerly awaiting the album. It did not disappoint. Musically, it is a marked departure from the indie days of Caedmon's, but, thankfully, it is also a great change from the pop sound they were beginning to adopt. The influence of the various ethnic musical traditions is well used. Lyrically, it is very good, thanks to some stellar writing from Randy G., Andy Osenga, et al. The message of the whole album is pretty powerful and is a much-needed reminder to American Christians about the global church. I look forward to repeat listenings.

As for Andy P's Christmas album: what more can be said, really? I've been able to see his Christmas show each of the last four years, so none of the songs were new to me. Yet, they are still just as powerful. Partly, this is due to the great production of the album. But mainly, it is due to the great storytelling by Mr. Peterson. Words fail to describe what he has accomplished with this project. It should be listened to repeatedly and shared with others. It's that good.

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