Monday, October 11, 2004

Where have all the bloggers gone ...

Some of you might be thinking, "Gaines and Allison haven't been blogging much lately. Their lives must be pretty boring." But, you'd be wrong. It's actually the opposite. So much has been going on, it has been hard to find time for updates. If we had been blogging more frequently, we probably would have written about:

- Our super-fun Fall Festival at our apartment, featuring games, arts, crafts and lots of grilled items donated by Lonestar Steakhouse;
- The VP debate (if only Cheney could pinch-hit for W at the other debates!);
- Our visit to Alabama to see Allison's sick grandma (your prayers would be appreciated);
- My sister's crazy new dog;
- The second Presidential debate (More repetition! Less substance! It's the American Way!)
- Georgia Tech's victory over #23 Maryland;
- Nickel Creek in concert (they rocked!);
- Anxiously watching the mailbox for Andrew Peterson's new cd;
- Allison's first day of student teaching (which is today);
- Learning that the sewer construction project across the street from my office hit a natural gas line (but it is -- supposedly -- not serious);

and much, much more. Maybe one day.

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