Friday, October 09, 2009

Andy and The Andys in Atlanta

Andrew Peterson. Andrew Osenga. Andy Gullahorn.

Three most formidable singer-songwriters together here in the A-T-L! If you are familiar with our blog or just our taste in music, you will know these are three of our favorites. The only other place I think I've seen these three together is at one of AP's Behold the Lamb shows, but this is going to be SO MUCH BETTER. I'm sure hilarity and much good music will ensue.

Details come from Andy G, courtesy Ron Davis, also known as the Tim's brother-in-law, or, as I like to call him (due to his copious concert-attending): "The New Tex." (Thanks, Ron, for the heads up!)

Andys World Tour at Impact:

Andy Osenga (from Caedmon's Call), Andy Gullahorn, and Andrew Peterson will be coming to Impact at The Church of the Apostles on Sunday, October 18th, for a night of music. Mark it on your calendar; you’ll want to be there. The concert will be in the chapel at 7:30pm.

Actually, it may start at 7pm according to the website. So be there early. We will. Come on, be square!

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